. Eye-Tracking in Practice: An Application to Human Postures. In ISPC, 2020.


. Eye-Tracking in Practice: The EyeTrackR R Package and its Use in a Study on Human Postures. In ISSAS, 2018.


. Eye-Tracking in Practice: Results from a Study on Human Postures. In JSM, 2018.

PDF Slides

. Eye-Tracking in Practice: A first Analysis of a Study on Human Postures. In JSM, 2017.

PDF Slides

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Teaching Business Statistics at Utah State University

I have taught the following courses at Utah State University:

  • STAT 2300 Large Lecture (165 students): Business Statistics
  • STAT 5810 (TA): Introduction to R Programming
  • MATH 1210: Calculus 1
  • MATH 1060: Trigonometry
  • STAT 3000 Online: Statistics for Scientists
  • STAT 2300 Online: Business Statistics
  • STAT 2300 (12 recitations): Business Statistics
  • MATH 1050 (3 recitations): College Algebra
  • STAT 1040 (3 recitations): Introduction to Statistics


  • ANSC 321, Utah State University, Utah, 84321, USA